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We are proven

Park Systems was founded by one of the original developers of atomic force microscopy with a mission to bring the world’s most accurate nanoscale metrology and imaging instruments to a broad market. Today, our products are used by leaders in both science and industry, allowing them to make revolutionary breakthroughs, develop incredible products, and increase their productivity.

Where we come from

Park Systems has long been an innovative force in emerging nanoscale microscopy and metrology solutions. CEO and founder Dr. Sang-Il Park was part of the original Stanford University team that developed AFM technology in the early 1980s and paved the way for the systems available today. As AFM technology progressed, Park began to recognize the potential of AFM technology in a wide range of fields. In 1997, he brought this new sophisticated nanoscale imaging and metrology technology to a broader market by founding Park Scientific Instruments, the world’s first commercial AFM company, and later Park Systems.

Founding Park Systems

Founding Park Systems
(formerly PSIA)

Commercialization of AFM

Commercialization of AFM
(Park Scientific Instruments)

Development and realization of Atomic Force Microscopy

Development and realization of Atomic Force Microscopy (Gerd Binnig, Christoph Gerber, Calvin Quate, Group of Prof. Calvin Quate, Stanford Univ.)

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